Local Government Act 1919 (NSW) Ordinances-historical editions

These Ordinances were produced under the Local Government Act (1919) (NSW) (repealed) and deal with aspects of building law. The State Library holds other Ordinances, including other editions of Ordinance 70 and Ordinance 71. Please contact the State Library for details.

 If you are not sure which ordinance you require check this Table of Building Ordinances 70 and 71, under Local Government Act 1919 (NSW).

Ordinance 70

Ordinance 70-as at June 1973

page 1-50 (PDF 4376KB)
page 51-100 (PDF 4309KB)
page 101-150 (PDF 4127KB)
page 151-193 (includes Index) (PDF 3733KB)

Ordinance 70-as at February 1975

page 1-66 (PDF 3642KB)
page 67-118 (PDF 2640KB)
page 119-179 (includes Index) (PDF 4452KB)

Ordinance 70-as at June 1983

page 1-50 (PDF 2676KB)
page 51-101 (PDF 2724KB)
page 102-153 (PDF 3521KB)
page 154-203 (PDF 3555KB)
page 204-253 (PDF 2975KB)
page 254-316 (includes Index) (PDF 3861KB)

Ordinance 70-as at July 1988

page 1-8 (PDF 880KB)
page 9-58 (PDF 2728KB)
page 59-107 (PDF 2771KB)
page 108-150 (PDF 2338KB)
page 151-200 (PDF 3008KB)
page 201-250 (PDF 2970KB)
page 251-296 (PDF 2819KB)
page 297-353 (includes Index) (PDF 3028KB)

Ordinance 70-as at January 1992

page 1-43 (PDF 880KB)
page 44-84 (includes index) (PDF 2728KB)

Ordinance 71

Ordinance 71-as at June 1960

page 1-47 (PDF 880KB)
page 48-79 (includes index) (PDF 2728KB)

Ordinance 71-as at September 1972

page 1-30 (PDF 394KB)
page 31-60 (PDF 416KB)
page 61-86 (PDF 345KB)
page 87-109 (PDF 305KB)

For assistance in accessing legislation, both current and historic, contact the State Library.

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