Neighbours and the law by Nadine Behan

Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)
Disputes - property rights and neighbours - access - privacy - boundaries - retaining walls - dividing fences - trees - noise - smells - smoke - garbage - water - animals - land use and development - violence - intimidation - APVOs.

Neighbours, Ch 34: The law handbook, 13th ed

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Dividing fences - fencing agreements - boundaries - encroaching buildings - trespass - entry of water - access to neighbouring land - noise - animals - trees - privacy - land use - objections - nuisance.

Trees or hedge disputes process

Land and Environment Court NSW
Class 2: tree disputes and local government appeals - what is a tree dispute - tree dispute process - who can make an application - how to start an application - practice and procedure for tree disputes - preparing for the preliminary hearing - at the preliminary hearing - outcomes and orders.

Tree disputes: helpful materials

Land and Environment Court NSW
Legislation - annotated Trees Act - Practice Note Class 2 Tree Applications - court forms and fees - service of documents - subpoenas - enforcement of orders - case studies.

Community Justice Centres - neighbours

Community Justice Centres
About free mediation in disputes - neighbours - fences - trees - noise.
Information available in community languages.

Community Justice Centres (CJC)

Free mediation to help people in disputes reach an agreement. How CJC mediation works - getting ready - who's who - what to expect - support people - special assistance - case studies. Mediation between neighbours about fences, trees and noise - families - work and employment - business and consumers - money and debt - communities and associations. Information on CJCs also available in Community languages.

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