Human rights

Australian Human Rights Commission

Australian Human Rights Commission
The Australian Human Rights Commission is responsible for promoting and encouraging protection of human rights in Australia.

What are human rights?

Australian Human Rights Commission
Links to international treaties and declarations - how to lodge a human rights complaint - information for students.

Human rights - Hot Topics series, no 85

Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)
Origins of human rights - human rights in an international and domestic context - major treaties - treaty-making process in Australia - Australian case studies.

Human rights - United Nations

United Nations
How does the UN promote and protect human rights - what legal instruments help the UN protect human rights - what other UN offices and bodies are responsible for protecting human rights.

Australian human rights law library

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) (current version)
Links to HREOC decisions 1985-2001 - law journals - Australian Human Rights Commission reports - NGOs - discrimination - womens rights.

Bill of Rights - Hot Topics series, no 54

Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)
Should Australia have a Bill of Rights? - ACT's Human Rights Act 2004 - recognition to principles of fundamental human rights - international comparisons - impact of a Bill of Rights in the Australian context.

International humanitarian law - Hot Topics series, no 80

Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC)
Sources of international humanitarian law (IHL) - types of armed conflict - combatants and prisoners of war - protecting the wounded, sick and shipwrecked - civilians - conduct of hostilities - non-international armed conflict - IHL and international human rights law - implementation and enforcement of IHL.

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