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Arts Law Centre of Australia

Arts Law Centre information sheets

Arts Law Centre of Australia
Infosheets on a range of topcis including agency agreements - contracts - business name protection - protecting ideas - protecting designs and trade marks - defamation - sponsorship agreements - sample letters of demand - claims procedure for debt recovery.

Street photographers rights

Arts Law Centre of Australia
Information about taking photos in public spaces - photopgraphing children - photographing statues, landmarks and buildings, government property etc - use and publication of photographs.

Artists in the black

Arts Law Centre of Australia
Website for Indigenous Australian artists and people selling or purchasing their art, about intellectual property, copyright, licensing, moral rights, release rights, employement issues and wills.

Information for performers

NSW Industrial Relations
Information about the Entertainment Industry Act 2013 which commenced 1st March 2014. Links to fact sheet information for performers- code of conduct - rights and obligations of performers' representatives.

Intestacy kit NSW (Artists in the Black)

Arts Law Centre of Australia
For families of Indigenous artists who have passed away without leaving a will.

Children's employment

NSW Office of the Children's Guardian
Laws for employing children under 15 years of age in the entertainment, exhibition and still photography industries, and under 16 years of age in modelling.

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