Hot Topics 86: First Australians

This Hot Topics looks at the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, how they are defined and where they live. It examines the socio-economic profiles of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in relation to health, education, housing, employment and criminal justice. A section on the Constitution provides an historical perspective, and concepts of self-representation, self-determination and sovereignty are also discussed.

About the author

This issue of Hot Topics is written by Professor Larissa Behrendt, Professor of Law and Director of Research at the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney. Dr Behrendt is a member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences and a founding member of the Australian Academy of Law. She has published numerous textbooks on Indigenous legal issues.

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Diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples - where do indigenous people live

Keeping culture strong

Language - continuing cultural engagement

Indigenous socio-economic profile

Health - education - housing

Indigenous people and the criminal justice system

Deaths in custody - policing practices - sentencing - other issues

The Constitution

Historical overview and 1967 Referendum - Racial Discrimination Act - constitutional change - comparative table

Child removal and coming home

State government policies of protection - protection legislation - Bringing the Home - Indigenous children in out-of-home-care

Land rights and native title

Historical overview - Aboriginal land rights - native title - comparative table of land rights and native title

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