Hot Topics 87: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most widespread human rights abuses in Australia and globally. Each week in Australia a woman loses her life to domestic homicide. This issue looks at the prevalence of domestic violence and the legal framework that deals with offenders and victims, which includes AVOs, the court process and other legal issues that relate to DV.

 Author note

Women's Legal Services NSW (WL SNSW) is an independent not for profit community legal centre that aims to achieve access to justice and a just legal system for women in NSW. WLS NSW provides women with a range of free community legal services, including legal advice and information, education, training and resources across metropolitan and regional areas of NSW.

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Domestic violence

Overview of domestic violence

What is domestic violence - cycle of violence - prevalence - domestic homicide - reporting to police - community attitudes - accessing services - government responses

Apprehended Violence Orders

History of AVOs - Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 - types of AVOs - how do you get an AVO - police applications - on the spot AVOs - AVOs resulting from DV offences - private applicatons - legal aid

The AVO court process

Serving an AVO - the first court date - preparing for a hearing - the hearing - costs

What happens after an AVO is made

Consequences of breaching an AVO - firearms - Working with Children Check - changes, reviews and appeals

AVOs in other states

Registering AVOs - protection orders in other states and territories

Victims support

Victims Rights and Support Act 2013 - package of care - counselling - immediate needs - economic loss - recognition payment - personal injury claim

Family law

Family violence amendments - domestic violence and mediation - injunctions for personal protection - domestic violence and the home - parenting orders

Renting and employment

Domestic violence and renting - domestic violence and employment

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